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Here's what our customers have to say!

"Partners for Community Development, Inc.'s program Energy Services weatherized the Sunnyside Townhouses which were built in 1992. Since then the tenants have experienced more comfort in their homes because they aren't leaking as much air. The Partners Energy Services staff was courteous and timely when doing the work."

- Dawn Zoerner - Sunnyside Townhouses Property Manager - Sheboygan, WI

 "We called for an Energy Audit because our neighbor informed us of your services and we felt it was just what we needed to find out if we were 'energy efficient'. Your staff and crews were efficient, informative, and knowledgeable with excellent results. Can't say that we have anything measurable, but we absolutely feel more snug!"

- Diane Meisser - Homeowner - Sheboygan

 "I need to increase the R-value in the attic and install vents in my rental unit as per Department of Industry Labor and Human Relation (DIHLR) home inspection. I received your pamphlet in the mail and I called to get some quotes. The other company quotes were higher and did not say anything about the bathroom fan vented into the attic needing to be fixed which you said Partners Energy Services would fix it and you did it. I would definitely recommend your services to others."

- Karen Amweg - Property Owner/Landlord - Manitowoc, WI

"We had electric basebord as our heating system and the Energy Audit recommends switching the electric heating system to a natural gas heating system and we had no problem switching it over. We needed additional insulation in the attic as the house is a 35 years old house. Upon completion, we found one of the ceiling light fixture wasn't working and you guys fixed it to our satisfaction with no problems. We were treated very well and are extremely satisfied with the work the the way problems were resolved. The staff worked well and were cordial."

- Richard Seidemann - homeowner - Sheboygan, WI


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